Swing Trading Signals

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About Strategy:

  • Script: All Index, Stocks, Commodity, Futures, Options and Currencies.
  • Indicators & Formula Used: Multiple-Indicators, Volume Pattern and Swing Trading Formula.
  • Position Type: Intraday/Positional
  • How you can create a better strategy using this source code and how to change setting according to you. please watch the video given on My Account > Order Book  > Instruction Video Link
  • To Know more join our free Telegram Channel: https://t.me/munaffabazar

Note: This strategy is only a strategy template for learning. You can create a better strategy with the help of  this source code. So, if you are deploying this strategy for live trading then Munaffabazar is not responsible for your profit and loss.

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This one is Tradingview Strategy Source Code (For Lifetime)


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