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Trading and investment are both a good source of income, Trading is a good option for making more income in a short time, while investment is more safe and beneficial for long term traders. Discipline is very important in both types of trading. If you do not work with discipline, you can never make a profit.


  • Investing takes a long-term approach to the markets and often applies to such purposes as retirement accounts.
  • Trading involves short-term strategies to maximize returns daily, monthly, or quarterly.
  • Investors are more likely to ride out short-term losses, while traders will attempt to make transactions that can help them profit quickly from Fluctuating markets.

Whether for investors or traders, We work with a Low risk strategy for both type of clients, which Regularly increases your chances of profit if you Talking about accuracy, our research accuracy is more than 80% and the risk reward ratio is above 1: 3, so that you can understand that whatever our research team is, We do the entire research with out limit so that clients get regular and attractive profits. it happens.

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Munaffa Bazar Founded in 2006 by Mr. P.K. Saw, this is a India based portfolio management company. providing portfolio management services