Stock Market Basic to Advanced (E-Learning Program).
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Stock Market Basic to Advanced (E-Learning Program).

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00:00:00 Introduction Pre-Advanced Learning

00:05:21 Day-1: Preparation of intraday trading

00:28:33 Day-2: Prepare for entry-exit and average


00:36:34 Day-3: Fund Management

00:41:17 Day-4: Risk reward management

00:52:01 Day-5: Know the intraday trend and direction

01:17:30 Day-6: Know the Intraday support and resistance

01:27:52 Day-7: Know the Medium & Long term trend & direction

01:35:47 Day-8: Know the Medium & Long term support and resistance

01:42:02 Day-9: Importance of SGX Nifty & global market

01:48:06 Day-10: Importance of India VIX, PCR & Open Interest

Advance Technical Analysis

01:57:04 Day-11: Candlestick Chart Pattern


02:11:52 Day-12: Pre-Opening Special Trading

02:23:30 Day-13: Bollinger Band Reversal & Breakout

02:43:01 Day-14: Intraday Trading With Super trend

02:49:09 Day-15: Intraday Trading With VWAP and India VIX

03:03:23 Day-16: Intraday Trading with Stochastic RSI And RSI

03:12:23 Day-17: Intraday and short-term positional Trading with RSI & 20SMA.

03:18:31 Day-18: Intraday and short-term positional Trading with Moving Average (MA).

03:27:32 Day-19: Swing Trading Using SMA & EMA

03:33:36 Day-20: Weekly Expiry Jackpot Trading


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Product Description

What we will learn in Stock Market Basic to Advanced (E-Learning Program) ?

  1.  Basic of stock Market (Help to improve your mentality and decision-making knowledge)

A) What is the Stock Market & How does it work ?

B) How to start career in the Stock Market ?

C) Major reasons for failing in the stock market .

D)  Some secret and important things to get success in stock market

E)  Some important things to remember when there is a big movement in a stock or index

F) Trading Success Mantra | शेयर बाजार में सफलता की कुंजी

     2. Intraday Trading Technical Analysis (It’s Help to improve daily trading ideas & Technical skills to Earn daily 2000-5000 (Per 20,000/- Margin)).

  • Preparation of Intraday trading

A) Understand the intraday support and resistance level in the different time frames.

B) Know the Intraday Market direction also understand the particular stock or index trend and direction in which stock or index you want to trade.

C) Know the entry and exit level (Target and Stoploss).

D) Don’t be stubborn. Keep ready for emergency entry or exit according to the current market situation.

  • Technical Indicators & Chart AnalysisA) Know the intraday Chart and time frames.B) VWAP(Volume Weighted Average Price) Intraday trading Strategy.C) Candlestick chart Pattern.D) Super trend Intraday trading strategy.E) Pre-Opening Trading Strategy.F) Weekly or Monthly expiry day Jackpot option strategy.

    G) MA (Moving Average Intraday trading strategy).

     3. Positional Investment Technical Analysis (It’s Help to improve positional Investment ideas & Technical skills for long-term Investment).

  • Preparation of Long and Short Term Investment

A) Understand the company work background, Future of the company, Company balance sheet, Fair Price Value.

  • Technical Indicators & Chart Analysis.

A) Long & Short term MA (Moving Average) Investment Strategy.

B) Understand technical chart.

C) Long and Short term Candlestick chart patterns.

     4. One of the Best Idea  To recover your big loss & Earn Big Profit Without sl. From your current Active Position.


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