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Apka Apna Financial Advisor
 is the India based financial advisory company. Founded by Mr. P. K. Saw in 2008, He worked very hard to trained people about the stock market and taught them how to become a successful trader and investor, today we are getting good results, all the clients they have learned  and who trade on guidance  and research call they are all Making regular big profit. We continue to provide stock market trading and investment training and research calls to the people with our team.

      All researchers and advisors having more than 20 years experience and working with discipline and limitation.. 

Our Features

  • Discipline
  • Low risk Research calls.
  • Regular profit making
  • Risk reward ratio 1:3+
  • Accuracy 80%+

Our Research Calls 

  • Zero risk future index call (Daily): Accuracy 70%+ Expected Profit 100%+
  • Low risk future stock call (Daily) : Accuracy 80%+ Expected Profit 80%+
  • Maruti Future Swift call (Daily)   : Accuracy 80%+ Expected Profit 80%+
  • Weekly Expiry Jackpot Option call (Weekly)         : Expected Profit 1000%+
  • Weekly Option Call (Weekly)       : Accuracy 80%+ Expected Profit 200%+
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Our Strategy

The right strategy always makes a profit !

Creating strategy for stock market trading and investment is very important if you work by creating perfect strategy, then your chances of profit increases.


You cannot be successful in the stock market without discipline, if you trade or invest by discipline, your chances of profit are very high.


It is very important to have knowledge on trading, if you do not have any Knowledge related to the stock market, then first learn and then do the trading.


It is very important to trade within the limit, in a trade you should use 10-20% of your total available margin and Stoploss Should be 1-2%.


It is very important that every call we give should be Buy and Sell within the given time and range and follow our instructions.


If you want to make your career in the stock market then you should work with a right advisor like


If you want to be successful, then you always work with professionals and pay attention to everything like them-